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Makeup Remover Wipe for Hotel, AirBnB, VRBO, Vacation Rental (Case of 500)

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  • DIVERSIFIED HOSPITALITY Individually-Wrapped Makeup Remover Wipes, ideally designed and packaged for use in Hotel, VACATION RENTAL (AirBnB &VRBO), Motel, Bed and Breakfast, Guest Room, and more to enhance the Guest Experience.
  • CONTAINS 500 individually wrapped 7" x 5 1/2" Make-up Removal Wipes packaged in 2" x 3" Plastic Wraps. With a formula Derived from Fresh Aloe, the makeup wipes will remove makeup easily with a refreshing feel left behind.
  • Bulk Amenities/Toiletries: PARABEN FREE with VEGETABLE BASED formulas in EARTH CONSCIOUS packaging. DISPOSABLE for single use to easily prepare for the next guest.
  • Great to set aside our Guest Hospitality Brands like TERRA PURE, ECO BOTANICS, AQUA ORGANICS, H2O
  • Created with the ENVIRONMENT and well-being of CONSUMERS as a top priority.

Individually Wrapped 7" x 5 1/2" Makeup Remover Wipes by Diversified
Hospitality packaged in 2" x 3" Plastic Wraps: Perfect Uses: Hotel, Motel,
Guest Room Amenities, AirBnB & VRBO Bathroom Products, and More! About the
Diversified Hospitality Brands: The beautiful Diversified Hospitality brands
have widespread appeal at resorts in diverse locations. High quality
formulations, each enriched with organic origins, have been enjoyed by guests
in Hotels, Motels, and Vacation Rentals all across North America since 2006.
Ingredients: The makeup remover wipes use a formula enriched with Fresh Aloe.
Similar Amenity Lines All of our lines were created with the environment and
well-being of consumers as a top priority. We use vegetable-based formulas
enriched with natural and organic ingredients. We assure the satisfaction of
you and your guests with any of our lines. We are confident that you will find
a collection that suits your Hotel/Motel/AirBnB/Gym or Personal Use for
Travel. Feel free to search for our other lines listed below: H2O Therapy -
Mountain Breeze - Desert Breeze - Terra Botanics - Eco Botanics - Aqua
organics - Terra Pure Green Tea - Terra Pure Wild Citrus - Island Spa - Citrus
Breeze Naturals - Terra Breeze Detergents Keeping the Planet Safe: We are
committed to selling products that are leading the trend in upscale design
without destroying our Planet.